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Tim Guile

Tim Guile


Qualifications - B. Ed; B. Phil Ed

Vetting - Enhanced DBS

Experience - 30+ years. Trained to teach secondary originally. Most experience is in KS2 Primary though

Over thirty years of experience teaching different ages and abilities. Experienced with diagnosing learning barriers and obstacles to learning. Familiar with assessment and challenging children to achieve more and gain confidence. Recently teaching online with Invicta Academy both maths and English. I aim to make learning fun and help children to develop new ways to learn. Expertise in finding gaps in learning and plugging those with targeted lessons on areas which are needing some level of support.

Then you may like to talk about your teaching style and how you would structure sessions and/or blocks of sessions e.g. how you would identify gaps, personalise learning and then assess that they have achieved the intended outcomes.

Great deal of experience with all ability levels. Familiar with SEND issues and learning needs, lots of experience with more able students too. Assessments can be used to find weaknesses and strengths and then targeted learning in the weaker areas. Progress can be monitored and assessed and adjustments made in learning needs as lessons progress. Flexible learning styles to support a child centred approach.


Monday - Flexible

Tuesday - Flexible

Wednesday - Flexible

Thursday - Flexible

Friday - Flexible

Saturday - Flexible

Sunday - Flexible




All Subjects

£20 - 45


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