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After three hugely successful years, Invicta has now closed its doors.
We are incredibly proud that over the last three years we have delivered 2572 lessons with attendances of 306,102 and had a significant impact on the education of the thousands of children we have taught. Our feedback shows that Invicta students have consistently improved; exceeded expectations; [re]gained confidence and most importantly enjoyed learning. We believe that we have fully adhered to Invicta’s ethos of equal education opportunities for all children.  Until the end we have delivered high quality, free classes that were available to any and every child in the UK.  
We are thankful for the many wonderful teachers and support staff who have worked so hard to provide purposeful and engaging lessons and ensure the smooth running of the Invicta programme and we are immensely grateful to our founders, funders, supporters and families without whom none of this could have happened.

Thank you for joining us on Invicta’s incredible journey.  We are delighted to have played our part in supporting children's education when they needed it most and proud that we have now completed our mission. 


With our many, many thanks

The Invicta Team


Invicta National Academy C.I.C

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