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Learning without limits

Working to close the education gap with free and affordable live, online, holiday and after school classes.

Invicta National Academy was set up in 2020 as a result of Covid-19 to reconnect children with missed learning. Our mission now is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to catch up and progress with access to free or truly affordable top-quality live, online teaching. 


The live interaction has kept my child engaged and interested. The format used - explaining with the use of examples  and getting children to answers then going through the answers together really helps things sink in. (sic)


My child enjoyed the lessons and found she could keep up (a challenge for her - she has dyslexia). this gave her a confidence boost . (sic)


Confidence and structure. Before the academy, she had started to show signs of anxiety. Her school gave uninspiring (learning) and there weren't any Zoom lessons or live contact. Invicta has been able to fill some gaps in her education and feels more confident. (sic)


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Educate. Motivate. Donate.

We are passionate about giving each and every child the opportunity for a bright future.


Too many children are still suffering from lost learning from both before and during the pandemic.  We are a community interest company supported by donations and grants who provide live, online lessons run by fully-qualified top class teachers to help address the education gap.


We are campaigning to raise funds for lessons which will be available free to all children across the country. 


Last summer we provided over 82,500 lessons and our children saw an overall mean improvement of 6.5% in English and maths across all key stages in just 5 weeks.  That’s a fantastic result and meant that Invicta children returned to school confident and ready to move forward with their education.


Please help us to reach our target.  Anything you can give will go a long way to providing equal education opportunities for all children and by sharing our GoFundMe page, you’ll be helping twice! 


Thank you so much – The Invicta Team

Invicta 2023

Free, live, interactive, virtual teaching for children and young people  

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For February half term we are offering 5 days of FREE maths & English GCSE revision classes for both foundation and higher levels.

Plus a NEW FREE introduction to financial maths class.

Click the link at the top to book your place!



I have grown in my confidence in online teaching as a result of teaching at Invicta Academy.


Note: 89% agreed or strongly agreed


I have picked up new skills in online pedagogy as a result of teaching at Invicta Academy.


Note: 86% agreed or strongly agreed


As a prep/private school teacher, It has made me more aware of the disadvantaged children who have not had teaching for months and I feel an increased desire to get involved.

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