Key Stage 1 - Catch Up Timetable


Our lessons are primarily focussed on the core skills of English and Mathematics and run daily. They are designed to follow a progression of skills in each subject. We have purposely scheduled the sequence to complement learning in a school following the National Curriculum, as well as revisiting key skills to develop confidence and encourage a greater depth of learning. 



26/10/20 Place Value

27/10/20 Addition

28/10/20 Subtraction

29/10/20 Multiplication

30/10/20 Division

26/10/20 Captial Letters
27/10/20 Full Stops, Question Marks and Exclamation Marks
28/10/20 Recognising Common Nouns and Proper Nouns
29/10/20 Recognising Sentences
30/10/20 Recognising Sentences using conjunctions

Our mission is to provide high-quality online lessons at a price that is truly affordable for all.  However, we recognise that not everyone can afford £2.00 a lesson and we are dedicated to making sure that the most disadvantaged children in our society have access to catch up lessons and should not miss out because of COVID-19. 


For this reason, we have set up the Invicta Academy Foundation to pay for lessons for those who genuinely can’t afford them and who meet our assessment criteria.  If you would like to take advantage of our affordable catch-up lessons and think that you might fall into this category please click here to apply for free lessons. 

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