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Invicta National Academy was set up in 2020 as a result of Covid-19 with the sole purpose of reconnecting children with missed learning through the provision of free, live, online, interactive lessons that were open to all. Now our mission is to help close the opportunity gap by ensuring that every child has access to free or truly affordable top-quality live, online teaching. 

Shabana Raman

Shabana has been working in the education sector for almost 20 years. A qualified teacher, she has worked in large comprehensive schools as well as international schools. She is currently the Director of Maths Improvement for a group of 6 Further Education colleges in East Kent.
Shabana led on Invicta's recruitment strategy, prior to its launch in 2020. She firmly believes that every child deserve the best opportunities when it comes to education.

Laurie Glover

Laurie’s background is in digital transformation, software provision and digital marketing and this private sector skill set helped launch Invicta’s digital learning platform in 2020. He’s a true advocate for technology in learning and believes Invicta allows quality education at scale for those that need support the most.

Pearl Nyafli

Pearl is delighted and honoured to join Invicta as a non- executive director. With a solid corporate background of over 20 years, she brings with her unique qualities and expertise that will enhance Invicta’s proposition.
Pearl’s expertise lie in Operations and Business management and is also a qualified Executive financial Coach and mentor.

Pearl believes that every child deserves a good education and this includes having additional support like the one offered by Invicta.

She looks forward to working closely with the team to achieve the strategic objectives to further strengthen Invicta’s status as the supporter and giver of free learning opportunities for all children across Kent and beyond.

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