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Alice Roberts

Alice Roberts


Qualifications: I am a certified English Literature and Language teacher and Teach First ambassador, specialising in secondary schools (years 7-13) since 2012, and prep schools (years 4-8) since 2018. I have been tutoring privately since 2015 and have helped children achieve some of the best grades for exams as well as securing places in their further education in GCSE, iGCSE, A-Level and 11+ exams.

Vetting - Enhanced DBS

Exeprience - 10 years

The schools and curriculums I have taught include: preparatory, state, catholic, international, private and grammar schools alongside the British Curriculum and International GCSEs, as well as 11+ common entrance, pre-tests, CEM, GL, UKiset exams which I trained in and worked for with Atom Learning, a recognised Educational Technology platform.

Overall, my experience spans from working in one of the most poverty-stricken provinces in Buenos Aires in 2010 as an English tutor for disadvantaged children, to working as the private tutor for my school's Sheikh’s son in Qatar during my three years working in a British international school out there (2015-2018). I am interested in all people, from all walks of life and with all educational backgrounds.

I have been working for a home-education group in the woods near to where I live since September 2019 and have continued to learn and explore the importance of creativity, project-based learning and a level of autonomy on a student's learning path. I aim to reproduce what I have learnt in my years of teaching experience to offer these skills to students who require a sense of ownership over what they learn; it is not my strategy to dictate or tell students what they need to know (unless, of course, they are studying for an exam). Learning comes from a place of genuine fascination and interest in a topic, and this can only come when a person feels respected, listened to and is given the right facilitation and direction in how to pursue those interests.


Monday - 10am - 7pm

Tuesday - 10am - 7pm

Wednesday – 10am – 7pm




English Language, English Literature, English

KS1, KS2, KS3 - £40, KS4, KS5 - £45

KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5

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