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Adi Goretti Opene-Odili

Adi Goretti Opene-Odili


Qualifications: BA Education (Hons), MA Education

Vetting - Enhanced DBS

Experience - 33 years

I am a highly committed teacher; very passionate about my subject, which I have for 33 years now, adapting to all the curriculum changes of past years, where clear evidence of my teaching, disciplinary and pupil supporting skills and resilience have earned me a fine role model for students I interact with and set high standards till present. I am vocationally motivated; my delivery skills of guiding students through layers of analytical skills in English and English Literature enables them to achieve higher targets of two levels higher than predicted within the environment of support, encouragement and self believe within the 9 -1 grade level.

Structured sessions would be: introduction (includes clear objectives and success criteria) exploration, exemplar and production (written response) then assessment and feedback. The student would subsequently, improve (homework) for retention, to meet the intended success criteria and aspiration of students.


Monday - 4:30pm – 6-30pm

Tuesday - 4:30pm – 6-30pm

Not available

Thursday - 4:30pm – 6-30pm

Friday - 4:30pm – 6-30pm

Saturday - 4:30pm – 6-30pm

Sunday - Not available




English, English Language, English Literature

£25 - £40

KS3, KS4, KS5

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