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Spelling with Sir Linkalot

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Sir Linkalot is a fun and innovative award-winning app (Best Educational App - BETT2020, Europe's leading edtech expo) that is transforming how spelling is taught, especially for tricky words, all the way from the, is andtwo up to fulfil, manoeuvre and onomatopoeia. Many dyslexia associations endorse the product as rote learning simply doesn't work for the children they work with. 


Ruth Miskin CBE, government advisor and creator of the hugely successful phonics programme, says that 'Read, Write Inc' and 'Sir Linkalot' are a perfect marriage as she has nothing for her 150 red/tricky words, e.g one, the, my, done, I, some.  So, there's no clash with phonics programmes; it complements them.    

To find out what it's all about, take a peek at these one minute clips:

Sir Linkalot: The app    The Sir Linkalot effect - Spelling scores    What the teachers think    Sir Linkalot & Dyslexia    And the winner is...    Sir Linkalot: Case study    The Sir Linkalot effect - It makes spelling fun

It is not solely for spelling, however. There are animations for homophones, spelling rules, patterns, letter strings, punctuation, grammar, [parts of speech, prefixes and the origin of words, as told by Lady Lexicographer (Countdown's Susie Dent!). She reveals the origin of certain words on the app that have an interesting story to tell. Etymology is very much in vogue. So, it applies to secondary school children as well as primary.

This is what she had to say  Why Countdown's Susie Dent has joined Sir Linkalot on his quest of making ''I can't spell'' a thing of the past    

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