Safeguarding Statement

All members of staff, volunteers and third parties at Invicta  Academy recognise the contribution that our organisation makes to safeguarding children. Our Academy has an active part to play in protecting students from harm. Our processes reflect that the need to keep children safe is paramount and are set out below:


·       No child will appear on screen during Zoom lessons; cameras are switched off.

·       Lessons are delivered via Zoom webinar format.

·       Zoom invitations are sent to the parent/carer’s (also known as the registered user) email address.

·       Only the teacher and facilitator will be visible to the students during the Zoom lesson.

·       There will be 2 adults present during all Zoom lessons; a teacher and a lesson facilitator.

·       Parents/carers must ensure their child is supervised by a responsible adult at all times during Invicta Academy Zoom lessons.

·       Students’ microphones will be muted.

·       The student’s name will only be seen by the teacher and facilitator.

·       No teacher or lesson facilitator will have direct access to student email addresses or any of their personal data.

·       The group chat will be disabled.

·       Students will only be able to use the Q & A to ask questions and/or give answers directly to the teacher.

·       The lesson facilitator will co-host and monitor the chat while the teacher is giving the lesson.

·       All Zoom lessons are recorded and stored securely in line with GDPR requirements.

·       Recorded Zoom lessons are not stored on the teacher’s device.

·       All teachers and lesson facilitators have enhanced DBS checks.

·       Any safeguarding incidents will be reported to the Designated Safeguarding Lead immediately.


Our full safeguarding policy can be accessed here.

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