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Meet Ruramo!

Ruramo is in year 10 and goes to school in the London Borough of Newham. She is a lovely, bright and engaging girl whose favourite subjects are English, German and Philosophy. She has attended several Invicta National Academy classes and most recently our Higher Ability English course at the start of 2022.

When the schools closed due to Covid, Ruramo’s school moved to online learning which she says was good but she missed her friends and was worried about the amount of learning she was losing out on. She will be taking her GCSEs in 2023 and is already working hard to get good grades. Supplementing her school’s online provision with Invicta classes has made a huge difference. With Invicta she learnt new techniques and studied past GCSE papers, she felt the work expanded her knowledge and stretched her and on returning to school she says she felt ahead in her class, more confident in answering questions and sharing her newfound knowledge. Her teacher also noticed an improvement. In her previous English test she had got 84%, after completing the Invicta classes she achieved 92% - bravo Ruramo! This is a significant improvement and could mean the difference between a grade 8 & a grade 9 at GCSE.

Ruramo has lots of ambition; she’s not completely sure what she wants to be but she thinks possibly a psychotherapist. She enjoys working with people and has a strong desire to help. She is currently gaining work experience at a local social care centre that looks after people with special needs; spending time with them, attending to their needs, playing games and taking them out whilst gaining valuable insight in to the healthcare sector.

Ruramo is actively doing everything she can to set herself up for success in the future, she’s aiming for a top university and after that an exciting career and we applaud her but Invicta works with children of all abilities and there are opportunities for all of them in the future if they are just given the chance to fulfil their potential. We cannot allow the pandemic to bake in inequalities and set back recent efforts on social mobility. Invicta is working to close the education gap and give children the chance to succeed.

Invicta is currently fundraising for our summer 2022 programme. Please donate to help more children achieve their goals using our Gofundme page


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