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Invicta's Summer 2022 Campaign is on!

We've been a bit quiet lately and the reason for that is that we are busy fundraising for our Summer 2022 Academy.

Our aim is to offer another four weeks of great Invicta lessons for free to all children in August. Last summer we provided 82,500 learning spaces which cost us 99p per child so every single pound donated is another child we can teach.

But to do that we need to raise £40k.

Yikes - that's a lot of money but we are a non-profit who keep our running costs very low and our standards very high.

We also passionately believe that educating children is an investment for everyone's future.

We have launched a Go Fund Me campaign and we are asking you to please share the link on whichever social media platforms you use but you could also send it to your contacts via email, Whatsapp, smoke signals or carrier pigeon - whatever works for you would be incredibly helpful for us. Don't forget to tag us in to your posts and use the hashtag #Invictasummer22 too so that we can admire your good work.

This summer we are also going to be introducing a week of free coding for beginners run by the brilliant Digi Local so keep an eye out as we'll be releasing more information about it very soon.

Thank you for supporting us so loyally and we look forward to seeing your posts/retweets/hashtags and smoke signals.

Very best wishes

The Invicta Team

Invicta National Academy C.I.C


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