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Invicta Makes An Impact

Our summer 2021 course saw an unprecedented number of sign ups. Over 82,500 lessons delivered to approximately 4,300 children. We commissioned an impact report so we could really delve in to the effects that our classes had on our students and we thought you might like to see some of the amazing results!

The report found that the children evidenced an overall mean improvement of 6.5% across all key stages in both English and maths. In English there was an 8.65% improvement and in maths the figure was 5.2%. The greatest change was seen in KS4 English which saw a 13.9% mean improvement.

Families were surveyed after the course and it was found that 88% of parents would recommend Invicta to other children or parents and 80%-90% wanted Invicta lessons to continue.

All this in just 5 weeks of lessons and all for free! These statistics clearly highlight the importance and the impact that Invicta is having on the education of young people.


Our half-term course was another huge success with well over 14,000 lessons booked and almost as many children and young people attending.

Those pupils all returned to school with renewed and increased confidence in their own ability to achieve.

We continue to expand our range of extra curricular activities, the half-term course offering the return of Fitness Blast and our new 'Unsung Heroes' programme which proved extremely popular and which will be returning for part two in due course.


This Christmas holiday we are producing a free two day, back to school maths and English blast, on the 29th & 30th December, aimed at helping younger children go back to school confident and ready to launch into 2022, while helping older children tackle tricky topics ahead of their mock GCSE exams.

Key to our children catching up and forging ahead with their education is consistency and continuity; topping up wherever possible and taking every opportunity to expand and build on their existing knowledge. Invicta's 'little and often' approach has proven results and we hope that you will take advantage of everything that we offer.

With very best wishes

The Invicta Team

Invicta National Academy C.I.C


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