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Invicta at Oxford University

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of Invicta National Academy's most recent school trip to Oxford University, attended by Key Stage 2 primary school children! This extraordinary adventure allowed our students to explore the prestigious halls of Oxford University, igniting their curiosity and inspiring their educational aspirations.

On May 18, 2023, our eager students embarked on a journey to Oxford University, accompanied by their proud parents and our dedicated teachers and staff. The trip aimed to provide them with an unforgettable educational experience, broadening their horizons and nurturing a love for learning.

Upon arrival at Oxford, our students were warmly welcomed by Worcester College, one of the esteemed colleges within the university. Zoe Campbell, Outreach and Access Officer, led the day's activities designed to offer a glimpse into the world of higher education and academic life.

The itinerary for the day included:

Welcome Talk:

Our students had the privilege of attending a special welcome talk presented by Oxford University representatives. They were introduced to the university's rich history, esteemed faculty, and the vast array of academic opportunities available.

College Tour and Q&A Session:

Accompanied by knowledgeable Worcester College students, our children embarked on a fascinating tour of the college grounds. They explored the stunning architecture, picturesque courtyards, and well-stocked libraries. The current students graciously shared their personal experiences, answering questions, and offering valuable insights into life as an Oxford student.

Academic Taster Session:

In the afternoon, our students engaged in academic taster sessions tailored to their interests. Under the guidance of experienced lecturers, they delved into a range of subjects, including the concepts of human rights, experiencing firsthand the intellectual challenges and rewards of studying at a prestigious institution. The lecturers who attended were impressed with the students.

Lunch in the Dining Hall:

A highlight of the trip was enjoying a delightful lunch in the grand hall of Worcester College. Our students relished the opportunity to dine in a Harry Potter-style dining hall. The setting is steeped in history, sharing stories and laughter while savouring delicious food catering to all dietary habits.

The trip to Oxford University provided our Key Stage 2 children with an invaluable educational experience. It broadened their perspectives, instilled a sense of aspiration, and highlighted the boundless possibilities that lie ahead in their educational journey.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the teachers and staff who meticulously organised and supervised the trip, ensuring the safety and well-being of Invicta students throughout the day. Their dedication and commitment to providing enriching opportunities are truly commendable. We also extend our gratitude to the parents and guardians who supported their children's participation in this remarkable adventure. Your unwavering encouragement and partnership are vital in nurturing a love for education and empowering our students to strive for excellence.

We encourage you to engage in conversations with your children about their experiences during the trip. Ask them about the fascinating aspects of Oxford University they discovered, the valuable insights they gained, and their reflections on the possibilities that lie ahead in their own educational journey.

A big thank you to Invicta National Academy for their continued support in providing educational opportunities to disadvantaged and disaffected students across the UK. The trip provided the students with exceptional educational experiences, shaping their future, and inspiring them to reach for the stars.


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