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Together at the Top


Our Past Educational Successes

Invicta Summer Academy 2020

Throughout the summer of 2020, we delivered over 1.2 million minutes of learning to the children of the United Kingdom. When developing Invicta Academy, we looked at successful models of online learning being delivered by schools across the UK and innovated on best practice to produce a teaching model that can be used at scale. 

According to research by UCL, only 6% of state schools used remote learning effectively during the lockdown. There were many limiting factors which meant schools were unable to offer remote learning more widely - this included safeguarding, technical knowledge, technical support, teacher confidence and access to devices, amongst others. 


Our team of volunteer specialist leaders in education, teachers, and digital infrastructure experts came together with a shared goal to deliver online, interactive live lessons which were fun, engaging and informative. Our innovative teacher & facilitator model proved highly popular and effective for our learners. 


We delivered over 35 thousand  learning opportunities in 5 weeks, with 645 lessons and 5 showcase career sessions.


We delivered over 1.2 million minutes of learning during our education programme. We covered key stages 1 - 4 for both Maths & English.


We provided classes for children across the the UK with 94% of  attendees coming from state schools.



The live interaction has kept my child engaged and interested. The format used - explaining with the use of examples  and getting children to answers then going through the answers together really helps things sink in. (sic)


My child enjoyed the lessons and found she could keep up (a challenge for her - she has dyslexia). this gave her a confidence boost . (sic)


Confidence and structure. Before the academy, she had started to show signs of anxiety. Her school gave uninspiring (learning) and there weren't any Zoom lessons or live contact. Invicta has been able to fill some gaps in her education and feels more confident. (sic)

Invicta Career Showcases 2020 

As part of the Summer Academy, we delivered a series of 5 aspirational lessons exploring current, exciting career opportunities. These sessions were delivered by experts in their field, such as Double Gold Medallist Lizzie Yarnold, Michelin starred chef Mark Sergeant, MP Laura Trott , and the BBC Young Reporter team.



Through the lockdown in early 2021 we ran Invicta Stories - an opportunity for children to listen to some funny, adventurous, and gripping narratives. 

Each day a volunteer teacher read a chapter of a story to the children who returned every day for the session because they were so keen to hear the story unfold. 

KS1 read The Legend of Kevin by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre.

LKS2 read The Adventurers and the Cursed Castle by Jemma Hatt.

UKS2 read Cogheart by Peter Bunzl. 

We were very lucky to be joined by Philip Reeve, Sarah McIntyre and Jemma Hatt who read the opening pages of their books.

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