October Half Term 2021

Live interactive learning for Kent and beyond in October 2021
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We are delighted to announce our October half-term 2021 series of lessons, running between 25th - 29th October. Book your free online lessons, 10am maths and 11am English.

We recommend that you book lessons for the key stage that your child is currently in, so that your child can consolidate their learning and increase their confidence.


Key Stage 1 – years 1 & 2

Lower Key Stage 2 – years 3 & 4

Upper Key Stage 2 – years 5 & 6

Key Stage 3 – years 7,8 & 9

Key Stage 4 – years 10 & 11

Key Stage 1 Maths

Lower Key Stage 2 Maths

Upper Key Stage 2 Maths

Key Stage 3 Maths

Key Stage 4 Maths

Key Stage 1 English

Lower Key Stage 2 English

Upper Key Stage 2 English

Key Stage 3 English

Key Stage 4 English

Daily Sports Blast & Fitness Sessions

Tuesday and Friday at 9.30am - 9.50am

Fitness Blast classes are aimed to get young minds primed for learning and are delivered by a range of fitness teachers & coaching professionals. They're aimed at all levels of ability to provide activity ahead of the day's classes.

Unsung Heroes - Part 1: Black Heroes

Wednesday at 12.00 - 12.45pm

There are a number of Unsung heroes & heroines that pervade this earth. They provide great benefits, and have achieved great works for others. They often perform heroic deeds quietly and away from the glare of publicity.  This session is the first of a series that seeks to outline and recognise the diverse and eclectic mix of heroes & heroines, past and present. 


All at Invicta National Academy want to help reconnect children with missed learning.


Our mission is to provide 55,000 learning opportunities across the UK this summer. 


 We are a community interest company supported by donations, grants and by Kent Council Council who are supporting free lessons for the children of Kent this summer.

However, we would like to continue providing lessons for children right across the UK.


An Invicta maths of English lesson costs less then £1 per child.

A whole morning's education is less than a cup of coffee.

Every £10 you donate allows us to provide a child with a whole week of top-quality maths and English lessons, £20 pays for two weeks etc, etc. 

PLEASE help us by donating TODAY!