Bounce Back Britain - Lower Key Stage 2 (Year 3 & 4)

Our lessons are primarily focussed on the core skills of English and Mathematics, delivered live by qualified teachers and will run daily.  They are designed to follow a progression of skills in each skill. We have purposely scheduled the sequence to complement learning in a school following the National Curriculum, as well as revisiting key skills to develop confidence and encourage a greater depth of learning. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. 

Mathematics @ 10am

12th April 2021


13th April 2021

14th April 2021

Rounding to the Nearest Ten

15th April 2021

Rounding to the Nearest Hundred

16th April 2021

Roman numerals

English @ 11am

12th April 2021

Using Determiners

13th April 2021

14th April 2021

Expanding Sentences using Conjunctions

15th April 2021

Expanding Sentences using Adverbs

16th April 2021

Expanding Sentences using Prepositions


Issy is in her 7th year of teaching and is currently the Head of Academic PE having completed her teacher training at the University of Bedfordshire before completing an  MA at UCL.  She is also a qualified Level 2 netball coach.


The team at Invicta National Academy not only wants to play a part in the nation's educational recovery but to be central to it. We're kindly supported by donors and grants, we'd be delighted if you would consider contributing to help us deliver high-quality live lessons to children.

We have a generous offer of £24,000 match funding from the Henry Oldfield Trust, please help us achieve that goal so we can continue to provide lessons for as long as they're needed.

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