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Recruitment Policy



 Facilitator Recruitment Policy


 Helping children catch up  


Vision and Mission



Invicta Summer Academy is a free online summer school aimed at helping primary and secondary children, mainly in Kent, catch up on the core subjects of English and Mathematics by offering high-quality classes four days a week. 


We need to get children learning again before September 2020 or the attainment gap could widen by up to 75 per cent amongst disadvantaged children according to figures from the Department of Education.


By focussing on key principles within the core subjects the aim is that children will return to school in September with a secure knowledge of the basics in their key stage education. 


Each Wednesday we will present a “Dare to be” showcase session where we will bring professionals from a variety of backgrounds to inspire the children by talking to them about their own experiences in progressing in their career. 


We want children to go back to school in September not fearful of the education they’ve lost but confident and excited about the possibilities the future can bring and how they can utilise their passions and skills to thrive in their educational choices. 


About Us


Invicta Summer Academy is a free online summer school aimed at school children in Kent to help them catch up in the core subjects of Maths and English four days a week. We have designed the programme for state school children, particularly those whose learning has been impacted by the school closures. We’re working extensively with community groups to reach out to the 35,000 deprived children in Kent.


Invicta Summer Academy was founded by Award Winning, Specialist Leader of Education and teacher Stephen James from Folkestone and Former Academy Governor, Barrister and Councillor Anna Firth from Sevenoaks out of a passion for educational equality for all school children in Kent. With funding from the Henry Oldfield Trust, Stephen, Anna and an army of volunteers, have created the online catch up school to support the phenomenal work the schools have done over the lockdown. By focussing on key principles within the core subjects the aim is that school children will return to school in September with a secure knowledge of the basics in their key stage education.


Invicta Summer Academy is an independent, non-partisan charitable organisation and not affiliated to or supported by any political party 


Educational provision


Invicta Summer Academy online Summer School is operating throughout the summer holidays 2020. Invicta Summer Academy will run Maths and English lessons across five key stage groups on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be a chance to focus on careers with a Showcase themed aspirational session. In most cases all key stages will be invited to attend, however we envisage this will appeal mostly  to secondary aged pupils.


Maths and English lessons will be taught from an established scheme of work offering standalone teaching in specific principles. Each lesson will be 45 minutes in duration and taught via Zoom


Lessons will be split into Key stage 1 (KS1), Key stage 2 lower (KS2L), Key stage 2 upper (KS2U), Key stage 3 (KS3) and Key stage 4 (KS4)


Timetable Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 


1000 - 1045: Maths KS1, 2L, 2U, 3 & 4 – 5 separate online lessons


1100 - 1145 English KS1, 2L, 2U, 3 & 4 – 5 separate online lessons


Wednesday  Showcase sessions


1000 – 1100 Showcase sessions 


Facilitation and Safeguarding


The Zoom lesson will be moderated by a DBS checked facilitator who will manage the Chat Function and relay questions back to the teacher. The slides will be run by the teacher via the Screen Share option within Zoom. The lesson will be run as a webinar meaning that only the teacher and facilitator and teacher will be in vision. The children will not be visible to each other or the teacher and moderator.


Students will not have the capacity to talk to each other in the group nor will they be able to private message each other or the presenters. 


Teachers and facilitators will be issued with our Zoom protocol policy which includes: only having Zoom and teaching materials open on their computers, turning off notifications on their computer, acceptable dress code, background guidance – no personal pictures on walls in background and appropriate language policy. 


Teachers and facilitators will be issued with our safeguarding policy and safeguarding reporting documents.  


As part of our pupil recruitment parents agree to sign up to our code of conduct and they are asked to be present and available during the lesson. The moderator and Invicta Summer Academy administrators will have contact details for parents should an issue arise during the lesson and they need to urgently get hold of the parents

Facilitation tasks

Facilitators will be the host of the lesson with the teacher joining as a panellist. The facilitator will be required to start the meeting 15 minutes before the lesson on their first facilitation. The teacher will also join 15 minutes prior to lesson to run a technical rehearsal of their sound, vision and screen share function.

The facilitator will be required to check the background is suitable for the lesson and confirm with the teacher that they only have Zoom open in their browser and the slides open on their computer so that any personal files cannot be shared by accident. 

Facilitators will monitor the chat and relay questions to the teacher. The facilitator will ensure that any bad language or emoji bombing in the chat is dealt with by first warning the student and subsequently ejecting them from the lesson. Students will not be able to rejoin after they have been rejected. 

Facilitators will need to document what happened and by whom and inform and 

In the event of a disclosure of a child protection nature the facilitator must contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) immediately or in an emergency, where the facilitator deems the child to be in immediate harm, the facilitator will call the police on 999 immediately and subsequently notify the DSL. During the course of a disclosure the facilitator will focus solely on the child and not relay questions to the teacher until the DSL comes online and is able to give instructions. 

Facilitators will ask questions as set out in the reporting form which will be provided to them in a verbal induction and in email form. 

At the end of the lesson the facilitator will fill in a brief google form about how the lesson whether any issues arose, including any IT, safeguarding and education standard which will be sent directly to the directors

Recruitment procedures 


DBS certificate and photo ID Updating service number if applicable 

For those who currently work in a school,  the local authority or in roles such as as a charity trustee as a governor, etc please supply email confirmation or evidence of current role from the organisation. 

We will also conduct due diligence by running a google / web check on all applicants  

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact


Interview procedure 

We will phone the facilitator to check their suitability for facilitating an online session. 

Questions will include but are not limited to:

What is your availability?

How comfortable do you feel with online platforms (ZOOM)? 

How stable is your internet? 

When are you available for an induction? 

During the phone or video interview the interviewer will be assessing; experience, confidence of presentation style and clarity of speech  

Offer of position

Facilitators will only be appointed after we have received:

Satisfactory documentation

Evidence of current position

Email confirmation from the facilitator confirming they have read and accept our safeguarding procedure  


Facilitators can claim £15 per session. Please send one invoice at the end of your final lesson with the numbers of lessons taught to  

Absence and sickness

If you are unable to facilitate a lesson please contact as soon as possible

Collection of personal data

We will store personal information the Lesson Facilitator provides for six months and not be disclosed unless a lawful request has been received. After the six months has passed we will delete and/or destroy any data we hold 

Storage of personal information will be held in a password protected folder with strictly necessary access granted for staff members requiring to use the facilitators data. 

We will not keep a copy of the DBS certificate but will keep the DBS number and. where applicable, the updating number with the facilitators name on a secure spreadsheet


Equal Opportunities

Invicta Summer Academy is an equal opportunities employer and actively welcomes applications from teachers from all backgrounds, in particular disabled, teachers from an ethnic minority background and teachers within the LGBTQ community. 

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