Invicta Summer Academy 2020

Live Online Learning for Summer 2020

Throughout the summer of 2020, we delivered over 1.2 million minutes of learning to the children of the United Kingdom. When developing Invicta Academy, we looked at successful models of online learning being delivered by schools across the UK and innovated on best practice to produce a teaching model that can be used at scale. 

According to research by UCL, only 6% of state schools used remote learning effectively during the lockdown. There were many limiting factors which meant schools were unable to offer remote learning more widely - this included safeguarding, technical knowledge, technical support, teacher confidence and access to devices, amongst others. 


During our 1.2 million minutes of teaching this summer, our team have overcome the majority of these issues. It took a team of volunteer Specialist Leaders of Education, Teachers, Barristers and Digital Infrastructure experts working full time to resolve these issues.


We delivered over 1.2 million minutes of learning during our education programme. We covered all key stages for both Maths & English.


We delivered over 1.2 million minutes of learning during our education programme. We covered all key stages for both Maths & English.


We provided classes for children across the the UK with 94% of  attendees coming from state schools.

Invicta Career Showcases 

A series of 5 Aspirational Lessons exploring career opportunities open to students today - each delivered by experts in that field ranging from Journalism delivered by BBC Young Reporters to Farm to Fork live-streamed from a farm with follow ups from michelin-star holding chefs. 



Invicta National Academy is excited to be launching Invicta Stories! Every day at 5 pm, KS1, LKS2, and UKS2 children can join a live, free webinar to listen to some funny, adventurous, and gripping stories!


The stories will last about 20-25 minutes every day and will be a continuous reading of a chapter book, meaning you will have to come every day to hear the next part of the book!


  • KS1 will be reading The Legend of Kevin by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre.

  • LKS2 will be reading The Adventurers and the Cursed Castle by Jemma Hatt.

  • UKS2 will be reading Cogheart by Peter Bunzl. 


We are also very lucky to have Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre, and Jemma Hatt joining us to read the opening pages of their books to KS1 and LKS2 on Monday 18th January! 


The team at Invicta National Academy wants to help reconnect children with missed learning.  Our mission is to provide 25,000 learning opportunities across the UK this summer.  We are a community interest company supported by donors and grants. 

Every £5 you donate will pay for one child to attend a whole week of Invicta lessons   

Every £10 will pay for a child to attend two weeks of Invicta lessons

reconnecting them with missed learning.

Please help us by donating TODAY!