Bounce Back Britain

Live Online Learning delivered over Easter 2021

Invicta National Academy returned in April 2021 to provide a series of classes of the Easter School Holidays titled 'Bounce Back Britain', this delivered the core subjects of Maths and English across all Key Stages alongside new and inspiring lessons to help Britain bounce back from COVID-19.

We introduced new classes to the Invicta timetable for this flight of learning including Fitness Blast and Podium Perfect. These classes helped students to embrace physical activity before Maths & English and Podium Perfect helped children in Key Stages 3 & 4 to develop their public speaking and personal confidence. 




We delivered over 1.2 million minutes of learning during our education programme. We covered all key stages for both Maths & English.


We delivered over 1.2 million minutes of learning during our education programme. We covered all key stages for both Maths & English.


We provided classes for children across the the UK with 94% of  attendees coming from state schools.



Issy is in her 7th year of teaching and is currently the Head of Academic PE having completed her teacher training at the University of Bedfordshire before completing an  MA at UCL. Each morning she lead a 'Fitness Blast' session to help get children moving and motivated for the lessons ahead. Attendees were delighted and our free fitness classes will be returning in future Invicta courses. 


Confidence building, interview skills and speaking in public

Resham has been coaching public speaking to students, professionals and politicians since 2013 and in the last year has coached over 11,000 people from over 100 countries.In this session, she will share some tips and tools to help you get through interviews successfully, to build your confidence and to communicate more effectively.


Being a good public speaker will help you in every aspect of your life, will improve your ability to communicate and connect with people, and will mean you feel more confident at expressing yourself and your ideas.  If you would like to find out a bit more about Resham and Podium Perfect here is her website:


The team at Invicta National Academy not only wants to play a part in the nation's educational recovery but to be central to it. We're kindly supported by donors and grants, we'd be delighted if you would consider contributing to help us deliver high-quality live lessons to children.

We have a generous offer of £24,000 match funding from the Henry Oldfield Trust, please help us achieve that goal so we can continue to provide lessons for as long as they're needed.