Keep Britain Learning 2021

The team at Invicta National Academy not only wants to play a part in the nation's educational recovery but to be central to it. Below is a copy of a letter that we have sent to every school that is not reopening and transitioning to remote teaching. We have offered our services for FREE. 

From: Invicta Academy
Sent: Thursday, 31 December 2020 9:35 AM
Subject: Keep Britain Learning


Dear colleague,


You will have no doubt seen the Department for Education’s announcement regarding the contingency plans for schools as Covid cases rise.  Across the country, schools are in various states of preparedness for remote teaching, but we have a solution that will save you and your senior leadership team a lot of hard work in the coming days.


At Invicta National Academy, we have a proven track record of delivering high quality, live and interactive online lessons and we would like to offer these lessons to your students whilst restrictions are in place, FREE OF CHARGE. We have delivered over 2 million minutes of remote teaching since July 2020 with endorsements from many, including the Prime Minister. We operate as a charity and we are funded by donors who, like us, want to Keep Britain Learning.


There will be absolutely NO COST to your school or families as our donors have agreed to cover all the costs including the teachers, administration costs and the zoom licence costs for hosting these lessons. THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL SAVE MONEY AS YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE LICENCES OF YOUR OWN or spend time on administration. It is also an ideal solution to ensure continuity of learning in the unfortunate eventuality of a teacher becoming unwell.


As a school, all you have to do is forward a link to your families for them to register for lessons and sign on.


Educational Provision

These are not pre-recorded lessons but live and interactive delivered by fully-qualified experienced online teachers assisted by a trained, lesson facilitator, similar to a teaching assistant.  Our lessons align with The National Curriculum and we use the White Rose scheme for Mathematics and focus on the core SPaG skills for English.  Our ‘school day’ comprises of a 45-minute Mathematics lesson at 1000hrs and a 45-minute English lesson at 1100hrs delivered by qualified teachers Monday to Friday.


This mirrors the model we are currently using to deliver thousands of learning opportunities to children across the UK this week. We would be more than happy for you to join one of these lessons as a ‘student’ today or Friday to see first-hand how the lessons are delivered. Please get in touch if you wish to experience a lesson with one of our teachers. 


Facilitation and Safeguarding

As well as holding qualified teacher status, our teachers are vetted and trained in line with statutory frameworks including Keeping Children Safe in Education. In fact, we pride ourselves on the rigour of our safeguarding procedures and would be happy to discuss this in more depth with you.


Our zoom lessons are also moderated by a DBS checked lesson facilitator who will manage the webinar Q&A function and relay questions back to the teacher.  The lesson runs as a webinar so that only the teacher and facilitator are in view and the children are not visible either to the teacher or the facilitator.  Students cannot talk or message each other or the presenters.


Safeguarding is an absolutely key priority such that we have two level 3 qualified Designated Safeguarding Leads on our staff and you are very welcome to review our full safeguarding policy


We appreciate that during this time, it may be disconcerting to hand over the ‘reins’ to another teacher; that is why we would also offer for your teachers to take part in the lessons either in place of our own experienced lesson facilitator, or as an additional adult answering questions and offering feedback to students and as their confidence grows, possibly use a team-teaching model.  We hope that this may also be seen as an opportunity to upskill your staff in the effective use of remote teaching. We would also work with your Senior Leadership Team to enable them to oversee the learning taking place.


There is no substitute for children being in the classroom, but we feel this is a close second and certainly preferable to sending home worksheets or using pre-recorded lessons. This is a community project; we want to offer schools our expertise in remote teaching and ensure that children are not missing out. We must Keep Britain Learning.


Please reply to this email expressing an interest, if you would like to utilise this opportunity for your students.


With very best wishes,


Stephen James and Anna Firth


The team at Invicta National Academy not only wants to play a part in the nation's educational recovery but to be central to it. We're kindly supported by donors and grants, we'd be delighted if you would consider contributing to help us deliver high-quality live lessons to children.

We have a generous offer of £24,000 match funding from the Henry Oldfield Trust, please help us achieve that goal so we can continue to provide lessons for as long as they're needed.