11+ Exam Preparation Classes

Expert tuition to help prepare for the 11+ exams

The 11+ exam is about testing your child’s natural aptitude and the importance of a well-rounded education cannot be stressed enough. Reading widely, building vocabulary and, developing mathematical skills are all key ways of helping to prepare your child for the 11+... but also so is practising the types of questions that are likely to arise. 

You can choose to focus on Maths, English, Verbal or Non-Verbal Reasoning, or sign-up for a whole morning of top-quality tuition covering all four subjects for less than the cost of one private 1:1 session.  Each lesson is different, free-standing, and aimed at consolidating key concepts and exam strategies whilst also improving timing.  Whether your child does one or all sessions they will still gain in understanding and familiarity with the test.            

Math Formulas


Daily classes focusing on 11+ level Mathematics including our mock exam to help you understand your child's strengths and areas for potential improvement.

Stack of Books


Daily classes focusing on 11+ level English covering all areas that will be encountered within the 11+ exams.


Daily classes focusing on 11+ level Non-Verbal Reasoning delivered through our online learning platform covering the areas and questions in the exam.

Typewriter Keys

Verbal Reasoning

Daily classes focusing on 11+ level Verbal Reasoning including our mock exam to help you understand your child's strengths.


The Whitsun 11+ Series of lessons introduced another innovation to the Invicta National Academy's online learning platform. Our 11+ mock exams were offered for Maths & Verbal Reasoning and both were well attended by students aiming to sit the 11+ exam this autumn.


Each exam simulated the timed conditions learners will face during the 11+ exam and the same style and level of questions. We provided custom feedback to each parent regarding their child's performance in the exam and areas they can improve upon.


We will be bringing 11+ Mock Exams back in future series of lessons due to popular demand. 


In line with our core ethos of education provision to help Britain Bounce Back we dedicate a number of lessons via the Invicta Foundation for pupils in receipt of pupil premium or free-school meals that are entirely free of charge.