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The team at Invicta Academy not only wants to play a part in the nation's educational recovery but to be central to it. If we want children to truly catch-up we must offer them above and beyond what they are already being offered.


That means after school provision, weekend provision and half-term provision will be key to getting children back where they started in their learning before lockdown. 

Our lessons are primarily focussed on the core skills of English and Mathematics and run daily (starting 5th October). They are designed to follow a progression of skills in each subject. The learning objectives for each block of lessons is on the Year group specific timetables (links below). We have purposely scheduled the sequence to complement learning in a school following the National Curriculum, as well as revisiting key skills to develop confidence and encourage a greater depth of learning. In Mathematics we follow White Rose and English is more focused towards Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) in Key Stages 1 & 2 with a focus on the more advanced literary features of writing in KS3-4. 

If children in your school are in receipt of Free School Meals or Pupil Premium, they qualify for our FREE places which are funded by the Invicta Academy Foundation (which is funded by private donations). Children who do not fall into this category are also able to book lessons with a small fee which cover costs and fund further FREE places. Schools are also able to access our catch up services by booking for whole cohorts or groups of children who need additional provision but do not fall into the FSM or PP categories. A number of schools are using their catch up funding from the DfE for this. 

All our lessons are delivered by teachers who hold QTS and who are experienced in their relevant field. They have been 'safer recruited' and vetted in accordance with the statutory policies needed to work with children. Please view our Safeguarding Policy for more information.  

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